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Power Africa

Power Africa is a key division of Anglo Eurasia, focussing on developing environmentally sound energy projects with high economic and social impact across the African continent. It is spearheading an ambitious project to build generation and transmission capacity that will enable Mozambique, Malawi and South Africa to benefit directly from the vast offshore gas reserves being developed in the Rovuma Basin off Mozambique by Total, Eni and ExxonMobil with the promise of reliable, affordable energy that will transform the future of Mozambique. Read more about the Mozambique-South Africa Power Generation and Transmission Project (MSAP) here:

The Mozambique-South Africa Power Generation and Transmission Project (MSAP)

Southern Africa has a power problem. Generation and consumption of electricity varies greatly across the region, with many countries importing most of their requirements. Eskom continues to be unable to meet electricity demands in South Africa. Load-shedding remains a fact of life for everyone; mining and other companies in South Africa, for example, have suffered greatly due to shortages of electricity in recent years and would welcome an alternative electricity supply. Coal currently provides >80% of all power in South Africa, one of the highest proportions in the world. South Africa has committed to a decommissioning of 30% of its coal power plants in the coming decade. Meanwhile, enormous natural gas resources have been discovered offshore of northern Mozambique. Provision of 2GW of dependable baseload capacity from Mozambique will provide significant support for the rollout of renewables.

And this is where Anglo Eurasia Power Africa’s Mozambique-South Africa Power Generation and Transmission Project (MSAP) comes in:

  • The MSAP consortium propose to build a large and efficient natural gas power plant to replace the planned coal generation capacity and optimize the gas-powered portfolio proposed in the IMP.
  • The MSAP proposal includes AC connections to the existing northern grid and construction of an HVDC line between Rovuma and Songo to provide a very strong link between the northern and central grids.
  • • The HVDC line will also facilitate export of significant quantities of power to the Southern African Power Pool.


Here’s the plan:

MSAP Plan 2021-2024:

  • Construction of 2 GW CHP Gas power station.
  • Construction of 1090 km HVDC line with 2 GW capacity.
  • Upgrade to Cahora Bassa line to 4GW.

Future Expansion 2025-2027:

  • Construction of additional CHP gas power station.
  • Expansion of Mozambique HVDC line from 2-4 GW capacity.
  • Expansion of Cahora Bassa line from 4-6 GW capacity.

Read more about our track record with the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan Power (TAPP) project, a similar project to MSAP, which is currently under construction and demonstrates the ability of our consortium.